Of Land and Sea

30 September – 23 October 2016

Of Land and Sea brings together twelve artists from around the world to explore grand maritime narratives and man’s connection to nature. This exhibition invites strange creatures to come out to play, and marauders to find themselves in nature.

Peter Fong’s ink on paper fish studies are reminiscent of early explorers’ documentations of newly discovered species. This idea is central to Daniel Moreira’s mini – series in which three early Portuguese explorers on their quest to ‘the city of gold’ find themselves transformed into the mythical aquatic beasts they feared encountering. Moreira’s manual interventions play with the idea of colonisation, and man’s urge to discover, claim and conquer. Melbourne based Kyoko Imazu’s delicate etchings wink at a similar notion with titles such as ‘First Contact’, whilst interweaving her own imagined narratives about creatures of the natural world.

Cat Rabbit draws inspiration from Japanese culture, playfully personifying flora and fauna alike to weave a delightful web of multi-sensory experiences. Hand-sewn tapestries with floating egg-kitten urchins befriend neighbouring avocado charms. Gary Seaman’s layered aerosol and ink portraits appear to ponder the workings of the universe and the fate of Earth herself.

Katherine Wheeler’s porcelain creatures appear to be of both of land and sea, fragile as though made of bone, yet porous and light like a piece of coral. Her ceramic creatures reach out to the viewer as though beckoning to be picked up and held close. Similarly, Sydney-based Emma Kidd’s hand-painted articulated creatures invite an emotional connection, and transport the viewer to another time and place through the wink of an eye and the playful swish of a mane and tail.

Melbourne-based Kate Gagliardi’s meticulous mountain studies capture the most minute details of landscape, whilst simultaneously conveying the awesome power and magnitude of a mountainside. Cathy McMurray’s inspiration is found among the hills and valleys of Portland, Oregon. She hand dyes small batches of locally sourced thread and repurposed materials to create tapestries that wink towards a simpler time.

Nomadic sign painter Bohie Palecek plays with ideas of (dis)connection and the journey into the unknown. Courage, adventure and nostalgia are the central themes in her most recent body of work in which she creates keepsakes and artefacts from found and discarded materials.

Tristan Kerr’s piece entitled Catharsis exemplifies the painstaking process of signwriting, and the preciousness and precariousness of his materials. Lana Adams captures the world around her through her photo series. Pondering on nostalgia, relationships and the passage of time. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Fruzsi Kenez