Independent Lady Artists of Adelaide 2017 Calendar

2 December – 22 January

This unique calendar has been carefully curated and designed by local graphic designer Caroline Gliddon, and this exhibition curated by Fruzsi Kenez. Bringing together twelve of Adelaide’s finest independent lady artists and illustrators, Caroline has created an unforgettable keepsake that is a first of its kind. After a year in the works it is now available for purchase at Peanut Gallery throughout the duration of this exhibition, choice local stockists and online at

Ten of the twelve artists of the calendar are able to participate in this exhibition, presenting a combination of original works and limited edition prints to tell a multi-layered narrative infusing portraiture, themes of nature and abstraction.

Conservation and a reverence for nature lies at the heart of Chloe Duffin’s gentle watercolour and pencil works. Her bird and leaf studies reveal an acute eye for detail and a spiritual practice. Doris Chang creates studies of landscapes and plant specimens in watercolour and ink, in addition to developing whimsical animal characters that feature in her prints and gift cards.

Jessica Thompson and Elle Dawson-Scott form an unofficial partnership, often exhibiting together and collaborating on wonderful projects. Their works sit delightfully side by side, completing each other’s visual sentences. Jessica’s painted pots and panels whisper secret chants of encouragement, while Elle’s embroidered hoops seek to bring a smile to one’s face.

Joslin Koolen is the creative force behind A.nouk, a multi-disciplinary business that sees her crafting plant installations, creating artworks, and designing vessels and stands. Drawing on a lifetime of diverse cultural experiences and time spent in nature, Jos presents three original panels in her stripped back, abstract style in this exhibition.

Laura Horn is exhibiting a series of limited edition prints in her trade-mark style. She has kindly made these prints specifically for this exhibition, as she generally exhibits only original paintings. Her pieces evolve naturally and spontaneously, often changing course several times before revealing themselves in finality.

Claire Ishino is inspired by her love of patterns, forms and flowers and uses them as a visual metaphor for her thoughts and feelings. This particular series was inspired by walks in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens and serve as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Fruzsi Kenez is presenting a series of small watercolour portraits she painted during her year spent in Japan in 2014. They are inspired by quiet moments of contemplation at Shinto shrines and the observation of daily interactions. Similarly, Bel Short documents the quiet moments and enjoys painting quirky characters and expressions. Her work explores the changing of seasons through sweet female portraits.

Tracy Chaplin’s hoop series combines bold colours and striking patterns, drawing on both vintage and contemporary fashion influences. Her pieces are beautiful and very collectable.

Alice Lindstrom and Julie White feature in the calendar but were unable to participate in the exhibition.

Fruzsi Kenez