Cosmic Visions

27 January – 12 February

Cosmic Visions brings together three outstanding Australian artists working with the print/ illustration medium. Their work combines themes of geometry, mortality and a curiousity of the cosmos. This exciting exhibition of predominantly black and white works on paper reveal a curious combination of both fantastical and morbid themes that explore the very nature of human connection.

Kate Bohunnis examines the reflections of one’s internal landscapes through intricate hand-pulled screen prints on Hahnemühle paper. Her prints celebrate the interconnection found in our intimacy with self and explore the significance of the symbiotic relationship between the internal ‘me’ and external ‘them’. She presents the thought that the bridges that connect ‘us’ may be what sustain us the most. Bohunnis’ stunning prints invite the viewer to delve into their own ideas about what connectivity means to them.

Fitzroy-based VEINS (Christian Vine) strictly works with the medium of ink on paper, with the contrasting values of black and white underpinning his key concepts and chosen subject matter, juxtaposing people, body parts, plants and other miscellaneous objects. He explores recurring dreams, unfinished love, and subconscious premonitions through the therapeutic ritual of
artistic practice.

Jayaism (Jaya Suartika)’s primary medium is tattooing. He has created a series of works for Cosmic Visions focusing on the sub-conscious visions of the individual’s internal cosmic realm. In his uniquely explicit style, these five large hand-pulled screen prints delve into the inner psyche of our eternal affair with Love, Sex and Death. Jaya questions notions central to the human condition – Why do we do what we do? Why do we love? Why do we fuck? Why does any of it matter? Is it all out of our control, or do we have free will?

Fruzsi Kenez