Half Print

17 March – 9 April

HALF PRINT presents new work by two emerging and one established Adelaide printmakers.

Lily Pook-Ryan is an emerging printmaker, arts student and dreamer with a strong interest in relief printing. Her most recent body of work is largely influenced by her love of animation, and a persistent itch to escape her reality. The works exhibited in HALF PRINT explore the fun but also slightly sinister possibilities that have only been achieved in the fantasies she has dreamt of since childhood.

Similarly, Nick Yap’s prints are inspired by escapism and a sense of adventure. A film and video games enthusiast, his works tell a story about characters who appear to have a sense of purpose and a story driving them. They appear to be heading off to an unknown planet with a bagged goldfish in hand, or on a mission of great danger and importance.

Established printmaker and illustrator Jake Holmes presents a selection of 20 pieces from a new body of screen prints created during a month-long drawing challenge to create a new drawing every day. The resulting illustrations are an attempt to capture invented characters in invented worlds. Each image provides a glimpse into a larger narrative and suggests an exciting story for the viewer to fill in. Jake’s inspiration was drawn from current personal life events, Dungeons and Dragons and ideas for comics he’s been waiting to turn into a larger story. Contained in these single layer screen prints printed by the artist are happiness, sadness, laughter, worry, joy, concern, contentedness and fear.

The works of these three brilliant young artists offer a glimpse into a realm where anything is possible, and adventure awaits anyone brave enough to take the first step.

Fruzsi Kenez